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PLAN: IBP Business Case Development Services

Planning with spreadsheets or ageing tools like SAP APO that just cannot keep up? Interested in a cloud based modern IBP platform, but not sure about total costs and/or hard value benefits. Have seen the shiny sales demonstrations, but need to quickly assess function/feature fit based on your data & requirements without burning a hole in your pocket. GitaCloud Business Case Development Services are designed to help.

We measure ourselves on the ability to add hard quantifiable value to our clients. We are not into replication of current processes and spreadsheet formats into IBP. This does not lead to value. We work with clients who understand that IBP is not merely a technology upgrade, but requires a holistic transformation across people, process, technology, data, metrics, and culture dimensions.

We conduct a rapid value assessment to both understand your current state and value ambitions through a series of Design Thinking workshops.

We develop value solution themes based on IBP platform capabilities in the context of a deep understanding of pain points.

We conduct a rapid value prototype with your data to measure IBP solution quality and showcase potential value (KPI uplift like forecast accuracy improvement), not just a function/feature fit assessment (ARIMA model present or not, etc.). 

We develop a bottoms-up and data driven business case. The value ranges are based on current baseline and targets based on demonstrated IBP solution quality with your data, not hope based generic ranges.

We develop a transformation roadmap, business release detailed timeline, team roles & responsibilities, weekly effort estimates, and total cost estimates across software, implementation, support, and supply chain signals as a service offerings.

Final presentation to key stakeholders presents supply chain transformation business case along with a working IBP prototype. 

Our endeavor is to drive a high level of confidence & clarity in a rapid 6 weeks before you make a commitment to buy / implement IBP software from us.


BUILD: IBP Implementation Services

GitaCloud culture is defined by high quality, high speed, and delivering hard business value along with customer delight.

We provide SAP IBP implementation services as a key component of the overall supply chain transformation program. Our SAP veteran consultants from SAP, Big 4, etc. have 15 years plus average experience of implementing supply chain solutions at Fortune 500 clients in US and worldwide.

Our Agile iterative approach and a focus of putting ourselves in end users shoes enables us to understand values blockers like data, organization culture, planner overloads, etc. early on, and define solutions that delight end users and deliver hard business value.

GitaCloud team was at SAP, when IBP was invented, and worked closely with the first set of customers back in 2012. This strong legacy and relationships with product/solution management has continued to power us in our mission to accelerate value delivery. 

Our team is a mix of Transformation Champions (VP / SVP level Supply Chain Leaders from Industry), Delivery Executives, Solution Architects, SAP IBP Modelers, SAP CPI/SDI Integration Specialists, Data Analysts, etc. 

We solution across business processes and SAP components. We can go from SAP IBP to APO or S/4 HANA based Detailed Scheduling to our own Supply Chain Scientists to develop full risk modeled forecasts & supply plans as a service. 

We seamlessly transition from Project to Operations, help set-up SAP IBP Center of Excellence COE, and provide Support Services to keep SAP IBP well-adopted and upgraded to include new features every quarter given SAP's quarterly upgrade cadence in the cloud.

Specific services offered:

Supply Chain Technology Solution Design & Configuration in rapid Sprint Cycles

Bi-directional Integration with ERP and other systems: real-time or batch based on business needs

Master Data Integrity Checking, Clean-up / Enrichment, Data Conversion Support

Solution Testing for Business Acceptance. Parallel Run. Solution Output Validation.

Hypercare: Support first planning Cycle. Hand-hold Business Users.

Knowledge Management, Transition to Supply Chain COE and IT Operations Teams.


OPERATE: Signals as a Service, IBP COE Support Services

GitaCloud Supply Chain Scientists can partner with your Supply Chain organization to deliver economically optimal and accurate predictive & prescriptive signals as a service.

Our Scientists model the full risk & uncertainty in your supply chain (volatile demands, varying lead times, unpredictable asset performance, erratic scrap rates, etc.) along with your constraints and decision drivers to provide optimal baseline signals for buy, make, move, sell on an ongoing basis.

We can also support your IBP process through setting up and running the IBP Center of Excellence COE. The COE ensures ongoing assessment of new functionalities made available quarterly, regression tests, data health, solution quality, IBP process compliance, user engagement levels, learning & education support needs, and works with client executives to facilitate removal of any roadblocks to business value laid out in the business case.