Selling by Innovating

It's becoming harder to compete based on a static set of products and services, one size fits all mindset, no matter how cool you were during initial launch days. In mature industries, where competition is using selling by partnering approach as well, how do you further differentiate yourself? Customers who are well-informed are not looking for trusted advice, as much as  they are looking for innovation and fresh ideas on how to serve their customers better.

You need to add value at a totally different level to out-think and out-execute the competition in mature environments. Have you considered Design Thinking and the innovation it can unleash as a sales strategy? What is Design Thinking you ask? Design thinking enables fresh perspectives and helps you think about customer's customers, their buying cycle, and buying experiences dealing with your customer organization. With the right creative minds facilitating the design thinking workshop with the customer stakeholders, this can uncover new and powerful solutions to customer problems. Resulting innovation is a game changer as you move away from responding to RFPs to defining the RFPs. 

Our design thinking experts can simulate design thinking workshops in classroom training events or help facilitate initial design thinking workshops with potential customers. We ensure your sales force learns how to see the problem in entirely new ways and collectively push the envelope to develop fame changing solutions. This is the next level up from run of the mill consultative selling model based on well accepted industry and business process best practices. 

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