Sales Effectiveness Programs

Imagine the business impact if your sales force can improve their win rate by 10%.

Let us help enable sustainable out-performance across your sales force with our world class sales effectiveness learning content and globally seasoned instructors. 

Leverage our Outperform methodology across a wide range of engagement models: single classroom training event, digital learning assets to sustain learning, social on the job training, or establishing a sales Center of Excellence driven continuous learning program. 

We help transform sales cultures to customer centricity and consistent outperformance irrespective of the economic environment. 

We are raising the bar on a sales training industry with training for the sales force and coaching for the sales managers that focuses on sustainable quantifiable change.

We continuously curate our world class content to make it easy to consume and effective at retention. We do not believe in one size fits all and create customized training based on rigorous needs analysis and an understanding of your organization learning culture.

We are honest enough to understand that good training over couple days is not enough to show measurable business impact a quarter down the line. We understand how adults learn, retain learning, and change behaviors leading to consistent out-performance. We focus on the pull model of learning and grow the hunger to continuously learn and get better as that is the key to out-performance.  

 We define what state of the art looks like when it comes to fresh and practical ideas on sales effectiveness, then cut the content down into modular digital learning chunks that are easy to consume and can be referred to on an as-needed basis leading to learning reinforcement and professional growth. As you probably know, information overload in a two day training class is not a potent strategy when it comes to retaining learning. The push model of training gets further challenged when dealing with a sales force that has not bought into the need for training and view it as unnecessary time away from the field. The resulting attention deficit disorder at run of the mill learning events leads many sales leaders to question the effectiveness of learning this way and they are probably right. 

 We work with you to understand you needs first, then help you understand what awesome looks like, get management on board, deploy a hybrid strategy of instructor led classroom training in conjunction with modular self-help digital learning content, and put a system in place to deliver ongoing coaching, reinforcement, and impact measurement. We see the engagement focused on enabling quantifiable impact and stick with you to ensure value much beyond the initial sugar high at the end of a single training event. 

 Our strategy is to work with a limited set of customers and deliver customized content and ongoing engagement that leads to true business impact. Call us. We will be happy to share our insights and help you define your needs before we think of you as a client. 

 We are more interested in your business priorities than our products and hence you will find our learning offerings organized around your needs. 

See below a sample of our offerings: