SAP IBP Response & Supply Workshop (Dec 9th, 2017)


SAP IBP Response & Supply Workshop (Dec 9th, 2017)

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This Integrated Business Planning IBP Response & Supply workshop is designed to help business or IT team members at customers evaluating or implementing SAP IBP. SAP SCM practitioners with SAP APO background interested in learning SAP IBP are also welcome. This workshop will help learners understand SAP IBP Response & Supply applications in detail. Scope includes Multi-level Supply Planning & Response Management business processes, SAP IBP standard planning areas SAP4 / SAP7 / SAPIBP1 & related configuration in these planning areas to support response & supply oriented processes. This workshop also covers Supply Planning Algorithms like IBP Supply Heuristic or IBP Supply Optimizer in detail. 

The workshop takes a hybrid approach to optimally blend instructor-led learning over 4 days with self-paced hands-on learning approach over 3 weeks. Learners will benefit from IBP experienced instructors covering concept slides, live IBP demonstrations, opportunity to execute learning exercises live with support from instructors, and live Q&A interactions to enrich their learning. Learners will benefit from full access to the IBP system over 3 weeks with email based support to augment virtual classroom learning with self-paced learning & practice. 

This workshop is based on the latest IBP 1708 release.

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Detailed Workshop Agenda by Day

Day 1

  • Kick-off
  • Business Context: Maturity Models, S&OP evolution into IBP (why is IBP needed?)
  • Overview of IBP Supply Planning Business Process
  • Orientation with IBP Excel & Fiori UI
  • IBP Supply - Planning Area Overview (SAP4 / SAPIBP1): Master Data, Planning Levels, Key Figures
  • IBP Supply Dashboards & Analytics

Day 2

  • IBP Supply Planning Operator: Heuristic 
  • In-transit and Downstream Key Figures
  • IBP Supply Planning Operator: Heuristic 
  • Planning with Lot Sizes
  • Wrap-up of IBP Supply Planning

Day 3

  • Overview of IBP Response Business Process
  • IBP Response - Planning Area Overview: Master Data, Planning Levels, Key Figures
  • Supply Chain Integration (CPI-DS, SDI)
  • Forecast Consumption

Day 4

  • Demand Prioritization
  • Constrained Forecast
  • Generate Allocations 
  • Order Confirmations
  • Sales Order Simulations
  • IBP Case Study
  • Certification Test