SAP IBP Platform & Configuration Workshop (Jan 20th, 2018)


SAP IBP Platform & Configuration Workshop (Jan 20th, 2018)


This SAP Integrated Business Planning IBP Platform & Configuration workshop is designed to help you lead the transformation to a Digital Supply Chain. If you are still planning in SAP APO or in Excel, and would like to thoroughly understand SAP IBP's value proposition including kicking the tires on your own schedule with our support, then this workshop is for you.

You will learn the business context behind Digital Supply Chain as we showcase the SAP IBP Platform & Applications with in-depth demonstrations across the board. We will then switch gears and teach you how to configure custom models from scratch in SAP IBP. You will be able to go through a mock implementation (real-world use case) given full access to the system and support from GitaCloud team. There will be a certification test to help benchmark your learning. 

The workshop takes a hybrid approach to optimally blend instructor-led learning over 4 days with self-paced hands-on learning approach over 4 weeks. Learners will benefit from IBP experienced instructors covering concept slides, live IBP demonstrations, opportunity to execute learning exercises live with support from instructors, and live Q&A interactions to enrich their learning.

This workshop is based on the IBP 1711 release.

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SAP IBP workshop is a four day virtual event, conducted across two weekends. It is split into three parts:

Part 1: SAP IBP Overview

  • Kick-off
  • Business Context: Maturity Models, S&OP evolution into IBP (why is IBP needed?)
  • IBP Business Processes & Key Capabilities
  • SAP IBP Platform Overview
  • Overview of SAP IBP Solutions (Demand, Inventory, Supply & Response, S&OP, Control Tower)

Part 2: SAP IBP Configuration

  • SAP IBP Model Configuration: mock implementation - build an IBP S&OP model from scratch against specific requirements
  • Model Activation, Data Load
  • Analytics
  • Advanced Topics:
    • Statistical Forecasting / Demand Planning
    • Rough Cut Supply Planning
    • Planning Area Maintenance
    • Attribute Transformations
    • Planning Operators
    • Security & User Administration concepts

Part 3: SAP IBP Implementation

  • SAP IBP Implementation Considerations: Industry specific use cases, SAP IBP Model Design Best Practices, Implementation Methodology
  • Case Study: See how raw business requirements and data files from a customer are turned into a working prototype
  • Certification Exam
  • Wrap-up