SAP IBP for Response & Supply - Online Workshop - March 17th-18th, 24th-25th 2018


SAP IBP for Response & Supply - Online Workshop - March 17th-18th, 24th-25th 2018


This workshop will help learners understand SAP IBP for Response & Supply application in detail. This is a 100% online event with instructor led learning model.


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    Who is this for?

    This Integrated Business Planning IBP for Response & Supply workshop is designed to help:

    • Business planners responsible for Supply Planning or Response Management
    • IT team members responsible for implementing SAP IBP for Response & Supply: TIme Series Planning or Order Based Planning
    • SAP IBP practitioners who need to ramp-up on IBP for Response & Supply
    • SAP SCM (APO) or ERP practitioners who are interested in retooling their skill set
    • Non-SAP SCM practitioners (Demantra, JDA, e2open, Kinaxis, etc.) who are looking to migrate to SAP ecosystem
    • Any others who are interested in a career in Digital Supply Chains enabled by SAP IBP

    What does this cover?

    This IBP for Response & Supply Workshop covers:

    • Digital Supply Chains: Business Context
    • SAP IBP Platform Overview
    • SAP IBP Response & Supply Overview: Time Series Planning
    • Supply Reference Planning Areas Overview
    • Key Figures: Downstream, Minimum, Adjusted, In-Transit, etc.
    • Supply Heuristics: Input / Output Key Figures, Parameters, Calculations
    • Supply Optimizer: Cost Model Overview, Parameters, Explainability
    • Special Scenarios: Co-Production, Cross-Plant Production, Production Lead Time, Lot Sizing, Balance Receipts, Fair Share Distribution, Storage Constraints, Capacity Expansion, Check Mode, Compute Quotas, Local Run, Shelf LIfe VIsibility, Subnetworks, Means of Transport, Demand Categories
    • Supply Optimization as a Service
    • Order Based Planning Overview
    • Response Reference Planning Area Overview
    • Response Integration using SDI
    • Order Based Business Processes: Unconstrained Run, Supplier Request-Commit, Demand Prioritization, Forecast Consumption, Constrained Run, Allocation Planning, Confirmation Run, Gating Factor Analytics, Sales Order SImulation, Deployment Planning, Business Network Collaboration
    • What-if Simulations
    • Supply Analytics / Dashboards
    • Supply Plan Publish to ERP
    • Adjacent Solutions: Advanced ATP, MRP, Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling
    • Supply Heuristics & Optimizer Case Study
    • Response Case Study
    • IBP for Response & Supply Roadmap
    • IBP for Response & Supply Certification Test
    • 2 week IBP access with support

    The workshop takes a hybrid approach to optimally blend instructor-led learning over 2 days with IBP access & support over 2 weeks to enable self-paced hands-on learning.

    Why attend this workshop?

    Learners will benefit from:

    • Up-to-date subject matter with 1708 / 1711 / 1802 capabilities covered extensively.
    • IBP experienced instructors share IBP implementation case studies
    • Robust grounding in terms of business context prior to technology function/feature deep dive
    • A rich library of concept slides & examples to explain complex concepts Supply Optimization and Demand Prioritization
    • Comprehensive showcase of IBP for Response & Supply: live demonstrations
    • Tandem learning: opportunity to execute learning exercises live with support from instructors
    • Extensive Q&A at the end of each session.
    • Workshop recording to learn offline till it makes sense (rinse and repeat till the understanding is clean). 
    • Access to IBP for Response & Supply for 2 weeks for continued self-paced learning
    • email based support from GitaCloud team throughout 2 weeks
    • IBP Certification Test: to benchmark learning and pursue IBP market as a credentialed resource