Insights as a Service

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Insights as a Service


Insights as a Service

When you need quick, accurate, and comprehensive insights on new SAP products (like S/4 HANA, SAP IBP, SAP IOT, SAP PDMS, etc.), our Insights as a Service offering can be a true life-saver. Our team comes from SAP, is extensively networked globally within SAP, and has decades of SAP co-innovation & supply chain transformation experience at leading brands.

We offer instant insights that you can use to make crucial decisions regarding your interim or end state solution architecture against the context of your specific needs and constraints. Our experts engage for a specific duration on a specific research topic and deliver instant insights & value. We have a vast pool of SAP, Supply Chain, and Industry experts to deliver the support you need, when you need it, and conveniently – without slowing you down with contracts & paperwork.

Fast-track your understanding of complex inter-dependent topics and SAP applications, bypassing weeks of analysis time spent trying to arrive at the same insights yourselves as you stitch together ever exploding, mostly outdated, and sometimes conflicting information from various research sources (web, peer customers, software sales people, consulting partners, etc.).

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Insights as a Service can include:

  • Recommendations for solution options to meet business requirements: SAP standard, SAP custom, non-SAP best of breed (e.g., Demand Sensing from IBP Demand vs. best of breed)
  • Assistance with transformation roadmap and deployment sequencing based on rapidly evolving SAP product roadmap (digital core & beyond), as well as in-depth industry and SCM best practices knowledge
  • Advice on how to deal with key design decisions where risk & cost of making a poor choice is unacceptably high
  • Health check on your solution blueprint to ensure your design is flexible and minimizes rework (e.g., IBP S&OP design taking needs of a potential IBP Supply deployment later into account) 
  • General SAP SCM software usage guidance, know-how transfer, and best practices
  • Conceptual education as well as hands-on training on designing & configuring SAP IBP software through one-on-one or group sessions
  • General staff augmentation: for small periods and specific needs

How it Works:

  • A GitaCloud expert will provide requested expert services on purchased time basis. GitaCloud will choose the most appropriate expert(s) based on your specific request, taking into consideration SAP product knowledge, industry expertise, and relevant experience with similar requests.
  • Expert on Demand services are delivered remotely by leveraging web conferences.
  • Consultations typically range from 4 hours (e.g., 3 hours of research with a 1 hour client call) to multiple days (for more complex requests).
  • Standard package is 40 hours of services, but customers can purchase in smaller package of 4 hours per their requirements. For example, buy 2 of 4 hour package if you are looking to buy 8 hours total. Buy 2 of 40 hour packages if you are looking to buy 80 hours total. You can mix and match as well. Buy 5 packages of 4 hours each (5x4 = 20), then buy 1 package of 40 hours, if you are looking to buy total 60 hours. 
  • You can buy 1 package of 4 hours if you are not sure and would like GitaCloud expert team to give you an effort estimate based on your specific request. Any unused hours from the 4 hour package you purchased are applied towards the services delivered.