IBP100: SAP Integrated Business Planning IBP - Overview

In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of the SAP IBP solution, its components, and its associated business processes. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises.


3 days


This course will prepare you to:

  • Describe the key business processes in SAP IBP
  • Explain, at a high level, the benefits of each SAP IBP component
  • Actively engage in SAP IBP implementation projects


  • Essential: Participants should be familiar Supply Chain planning functions.
  • Recommended: None.


  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Program / Project Manager
  • Solution Architect


Introduction to Planning Processes

  • Macro Process
  • Planning levels & Horizons
  • Challenges in the supply chain

Introduction to SAP IBP

  • How does it fits into my supply chain?
  • What is the business case, KPIs Improved?
  • Technology overview
  • Overview of modules
  • Navigation in Excel & Web dashboards
  • Creation of an Excel template

Demand management

  • Introduction to IBP for demand
  • Introduction to demand management
  • Data preparation (Lifecycle management, segmentation)
  • Statistical forecasting
  • Demand sensing
  • Sales & demand review
  • Agree on consensus demand

Inventory optimization

  • Introduction to IBP for inventory
  • Introduction to inventory principles
  • Inventory data preparation (service level, lead times)
  • Single stage optimization
  • Multi echelon optimization

Supply planning

  • Introduction to IBP for supply
  • Unconstrained planning with supply heuristic
  • Constrained planning with supply optimizer
  • Overview of Response

Scenario & Simulation

  • Introduction to scenario planning
  • Simulation in SAP IBP (What if analysis)
  • Scenario planning & comparison in SAP IBP

Identify issues in the supply chain

  • Introduction to IBP control tower
  • Overview of KPIs available
  • Exception planning with alerts
  • Analytics in the dashboards


  • Usage of the process tracker
  • Reason codes and change log
  • Case and tasks management
  • How to improve productivity and teamwork with SAP Jam