Selling by Partnering

Life is good if you have an innovative set of products or services and are marketing yourself well. Chances are you will get customers to come in droves, you can afford to be fairly transactional with them. This one size fits all mindset is great for scalability and helps with valuation.

However, as your industry matures, you may find new competitors entering the market that are more customer needs driven than innovative new-toy driven. This can lead to challenges with a transactional selling strategy. Price discounts become the main weapon to tackle competition leading to eroding margins or eroding market share depending on how competition responds to your pricing cuts with their own. Is getting a high quality 4x pipeline in place becoming a bigger and bigger challenge? Is your win rate starting to deteriorate to alarming levels? Are you looking for a differentiated approach that leaves the competition in the dust? Or have you tried the consultative approach to selling and realized it is not a scalable strategy across all your accounts? Do you have a sales force that invests too much time partnering before proper qualification of the opportunity?

In today's competitive and volatile demand world, you need to differentiate yourself effectively and efficiently. You need to transform an order taking transactional minded sales force into problem solvers that smoothly glide into the role of client trusted partners and advisors. You need to stop selling products and start solving client problems and adding quantifiable value. You need a sales force cultural transformation supported by training, coaching, and a sales center of excellence. Sales force needs to learn how to bring insights that uncover needs, how to intensify needs to the point of action, how to manage decision making process and criteria to differentiate proactively from the competition, and resolve buyer concerns with a high level of emotional intelligence and situation awareness before getting into final sales negotiations.

We can help. Our expertise can help enable the cultural transformations from product centricity to customer centricity. As an example, we can help you segment customers and generate segment specific sales playbooks so you invest in partnering selectively for optimal results.

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