Selling to Executive Buyers

You feel your product is a great fit for few large accounts in your territory, but competition is well entrenched and you cannot seem to understand how to get access to the executive buyer. You want to press the top floor button in the client elevator, take your game couple notches up and sell directly to executives? Great idea. What's the track record of success in resonating with executives? 

Have you had mixed results with client middle management sponsor selling internally to the executive on your behalf? Do you feel the need to take control of the account given the competitive pressures but don't understand how to execute? Or there have been instances where you got an executive to meet you through your network, but your message did not resonate with the executive buyer? Do you struggle getting the second meeting and find yourself delegated down? 

If you are nodding to any of the questions above, then you need to understand how to think like the executive buyer and become relevant fast. We understand the challenges in developing a sales force that can act as a peer to a client C-level executive. We have solutions that come from decades of experience selling to the executives. We can help you understand how to penetrate accounts and get an executive to sponsor your sales cycle. We can help change your selling motion from product function/feature centric to business performance insights centric selling.

You need to understand how to grab the executive's attention, how to research strategic issues the executive cares about leading to a receptivity and credibility. This is the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest for your sales team if they have never done this before, lack the business acumen, the personality gravitas, if they don't even understand the business language executives speak in. 

We can help you understand how to plan and execute the sales strategy to sell directly to executives: how to move from 'why us' to 'why change' conversations, how to research and develop insights that resonate with Line of Business or C-level executives.

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