LiquidPlanner is a cutting edge social project management platform in the cloud. 

Key differences from traditional project management software per LiquidPlanner website:

We built LiquidPlanner based on the belief that teams work best when they organize tasks by priority, make best/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location. LiquidPlanner is a project management solution for the entire organization and any project management style, whether it’s agile, waterfall or both at the same time. With LiquidPlanner you can:


Quickly Organize Your Projects

We built a web-based project management solution for a reason. Our project software is always available from your home, the office or your smart device. Checking estimates, confirming priority, and updating progress are incredibly simple actions. Couple these with advanced collaboration and analytics functionality, and both managers and team members get the tools they need to get the job done. Schedule multiple projects with ease. In LiquidPlanner, all projects are shown in a single view, and they’re always scheduled taking priorities, dependencies, and shared resources into account.

Your workspace will become a data warehouse of past, present, and future projects that will help the whole team organize, learn and grow.


Get Visibility into Your Project Portfolio

Project plans have long been the domain of the project manager. Usually they’re written at the beginning of the project life cycle, then filed neatly away and updated once or twice if time permits. This “map” of the project isn’t very useful tucked away in a drawer. And what team member is going to bother opening a Microsoft Project file every day? In LiquidPlanner, the plan dynamically changes every day driven by the interactions of project team members. The plan is now keeping up with reality.


Conquer Uncertainty with Estimates

Uncertainty is a constant part of any project. Managing the hidden uncertainty in work that typically derails projects has always been a daunting task, especially for IT teams tasked with planning and executing long, complex projects. Unlike other departments within business, IT teams are being asked to do more than keep existing services and solutions running – they are being tasked with driving innovation and ultimately, revenue.

LiquidPlanner is the only project management software that captures that uncertainty and surfaces risk to project teams and executives. It is based on probabilistic scheduling which is best described as a flexible, accurate way to plan and manage work as it models risk directly into the project plan. Estimation is key. You provide simple “best case” and “worst case”(ranged) estimates of the effort it will take to complete each task. Then LiquidPlanner calculates the expected start and end dates of each task, and rolls them up for the entire project (taking any uncertainty into account). Estimation is the best method of capturing and dealing with uncertainty. The result: schedules you can trust.