Hub is Anaplan's premier event where enterprise planners and managers meet annually to learn and share. Real learning. Real experts.

GitaCloud CEO Ashutosh Bansal will be speaking at the event on capabilities needed to run a demand driven value network in the cloud to service omni-channel consumers profitably. 

Other Speakers include:

·         Jack Sweeney of CFO Thought Leader: As financial leaders you still have a lot of the same responsibilities today as you've always had, but with fewer resources, less time, and with greater demand for performance. The choice; either work harder for better results, or find a better way. Jack Sweeney, host and producer of CFO Thought Leader, will discuss how visionary and innovative finance leaders find that better way.

·         Jeff Brobst, VP FP&A at McAfee and Sue Barsamian, SVP WW Indirect Sales at HP: Long-time Anaplan customers HP and McAfee debate and discuss all the cross-functional uses of the Anaplan planning cloud across their organizations. How has Anaplan impacted their teams’ ability to model out the future of their businesses? What are the most innovative uses of the platform they’ve seen? From the executive seat to feet on the street, hear how their organizations are collectively moving faster.

·         Eric Johnson, CIO at DocuSign and David Giambruno, SVP & CIO at Tribune Media: With apps at our fingertips, the nature of how we communicate and solve problems in our everyday life has dramatically changed. And yet, how we get work done in the modern enterprise hasn’t fully completed this paradigm shift. Workers are still using personal productivity tools—spreadsheets combined with word docs and PowerPoints—to solve highly complicated process and execution challenges. Join Eric and David to discuss the next milestones we should be looking toward to further transform work and decision-making across the enterprise.

·         United Continental aligns global FP&A: Responsible for financial and resource planning with a $6B+ operating budget, 30k+ employees and a fleet of 691 planes, the United FP&A team knows the challenge of alignment across a worldwide organization. Learn how United Airlines is streamlining their processes and providing more insight into drivers of financial performance by replacing Excel with Anaplan for operations expense budgeting & forecasting across 373 airport locations that span the globe.

·         Jaime Benson, Finance Manager at Red Robin: When Red Robin wanted to rev-up their planning cycles and provide more timely operations scorecards for all their retail locations, they turned to Anaplan. Learn how Anaplan is helping Red Robin improve insight from the front line to the boardroom, one burger at a time.

·         Erik Burns, VP Program Management at Tribune Media: Using Anaplan and Workday, Tribune Media connects bottom-up budgeting to financial plans. Their aim? Drive insights and action across their diverse portfolio of 42 owned or operated television and digital properties.

Bill Schlough, CIO at San Francisco Giants: Bill Schlough, San Francisco Giants CIO, takes planning very seriously. Starting with core values, mission, organizational objectives, all the way down to individual objectives and milestones. Tying it all together is key and ultimately enabling his staff to make the connection between the work they do and the championships they win on the field.

·         Tom Corser, Global Go-To-Market Leader at Juniper Networks: When analysts estimate that organizations are missing 5%-10% of annual sales revenue that could have been captured through improved sales planning (Source: Gartner), sales leaders pay attention. Imagine the challenges with planning sales territories and quotas for 1,500 sales representatives, with 46 offices spanning over 100 countries, using spreadsheets! It’s a pretty common story. In this session, you will hear how Juniper Networks formulated a roadmap to reach every opportunity using Anaplan for Sales apps.

·         Prakash Hariharan, Director GTM Finance at McAfee: It’s inevitable. Sales leaders are continuously pressured to increase year-over-year revenue. In fact, 94% of sales leaders have increased their revenue targets from last year (Source: Harvard Business Review). To achieve revenue targets, it is critical for organizations to have a sales team that is focused and motivated on the right sales behaviors. In addition, customers have become more sophisticated and knowledgeable and organizations face the challenge to maintain market competitiveness while managing profitability and growth. In this session, you will learn how McAfee leverages Anaplan Deal Desk to focus their 1,500 sales people in 130 countries on strategic opportunities that are identified as complex, high-touch, high-value deals while motivating the sales team on the desired sales behaviors through well-designed incentive compensation

·         Brett Butler, Global Business Architect at Lexmark: Print it in “black and white” or choose “color” - the message remains the same, Lexmark uses Anaplan with Salesforce integration to analyze customer account information and determine the key accounts in each territory before assigning the right sales rep to win the business. That's powerful given that revenue growth comes from achieving the right balance of expanding in key accounts with a large install base and penetrating target accounts, which have a small install base. In this session, Lexmark describes how Anaplan with Salesforce integration allows them to analyze customer attributes before assigning the best sales rep to win the business, achieve competitive advantage, and better manage sales performance.

·         Bill Cate, Senior Director, Global Operations at Motorola: Over 50% of sales leaders say the data used in their sales forecast is inaccurate, 57% indicated that sales forecasting is not reliable, and 54% are seeking to speed up the sales forecasting process (Source: Ventana Research). Having an accurate and trustworthy sales forecast is critical to increase revenue, facilitate better profitability, and drive growth, especially in a climate of change. In this session, you will hear how Motorola uses Anaplan implemented Anaplan to achieve these goals.

·         Dennis Dresser, Managing Director at Anaplan:  For over a decade, sales performance management (SPM) solutions have failed to deliver on the promise to provide sales planning and modeling capabilities. Sales leaders want to create multiple scenarios, "what-if" models, and sales plans that result in improved sales performance. Join Anaplan's Americas Managing Director Dennis Dresser to learn how Anaplan for Sales applications are helping organizations achieve unstoppable sales performance 

Ray Wang, CEO at Constellation Research: Organizations usually react to change by denying, delaying, and disparaging—a key reason why 52 percent of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000. Digital business disruption is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Social, organizational, and technology shifts require a new way of thinking about business, one that leverages a digital DNA to deliver experiences and outcomes, and to transition from selling products to keeping brand promises. Ray Wang, head of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research and author of the upcoming book, Disrupting Digital Business, has studied the trends, the winners and the losers, and will share practical guidance on how to disrupt and transform in any industry.

·         Brent Orr, Senior Program Manager at Intuit: Intuit is known for innovating around the way people manage their personal finances, run small businesses and pay employees. So, naturally, when it came to innovating how they manage both their direct and retail store demand and supply, they implemented Anaplan to bring it all together. How do you plan for a business with different delivery channels? Learn how in this session with Intuit.

·         Kaushal Dave, Director at Anaplan: Matching supply to demand is a simple goal, but the complexity to achieve the goal, and the risks of getting it wrong, are enormous. Most companies still manage this process via siloed solutions and spreadsheets, which means that it's hard to react to the constant change inherent in your supply chain. Enter Anaplan Operations Planning apps. For the first time, there is one solution for Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Planning, and Supply Planning on one integrated platform. In this session you will hear about Anaplan's latest Operations apps the roadmap ahead.

·         Demand Planning with Anaplan: Many Demand Planning solutions deliver "black box" forecasts. They may be good for a while, but what if they start to fail? With Anaplan, you can easily adjust your demand forecasts formulas anytime. You can truly own your demand. In this session, you'll learn about the new Demand Planning apps and the statistical forecasting formulas available for you to use and adjust as frequently as your business changes.

·         Diageo and Volume Planning with Anaplan


Unstoppable: Party at the Exploratorium on May 18th 6 PM: Join the Anaplan team, GitaCloud team, and your fellow Anaplanners for an incredible evening at the Exploratorium on Pier 15. Unstoppable will feature access to select Exploratorium interactive exhibits, a DJ spinning the best tunes, and a chance to try your hand at walking a tightrope, with a little help from famed daredevil Nik Walenda. Feeling groovy? Gather your friends and film your very own slow motion video. While you’re exploring, grab a drink and a bite to eat from one of three dinner stations featuring fare from the San Francisco wine country, Asia and Little Havana. End your night with a little weird science – visit the liquid nitrogen ice cream bar. Unstoppable is our party to show how much we appreciate you!



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