Digital Learning Course: SAP IBP Overview


What is This Course About?

If you are looking to ramp-up on SAP Integrated Business Planning IBP, you are at the right place. 

This is a self-paced learning course. It is designed to help you learn about the business value and capabilities of SAP IBP Platform, Applications, Configuration, and Integration aspects. 

Who is This For?

  1. Business Planners or IT Team Members at Customer Organizations considering SAP IBP; who may be currently live on SAP APO 
  2. SAP SCM (APO) Practitioners who are looking to ramp-up on IBP
  3. Young Professionals looking to jumpstart their career in SAP / Supply Chain
  4. SCM Practice Managers at SAP Implementation Providers
  5. Anyone else interested in SAP IBP

Are there any Prerequisites?


Course Duration

Approximately 2 hours worth of Video content.

What Does this course cover?

  1. Welcome & Learning Agenda Review
  2. IBP Business Context & Platform Overview
    • IBP Business Context: Why Care?
    • IBP Platform Overview
  3. IBP for Demand Overview & Showcase: 
    • BP for Demand Overview
    • Excel UI Showcase
    • IBP for Demand Showcase (Excel)
    • IBP for Demand Showcase (Web)
  4. IBP for Inventory Overview & Showcase:
    • BP for Inventory Overview
    • Single Stage Inventory Optimization Example (Excel)
    • Single Stage Inventory Optimization Showcase
    • Multi Stage Inventory Optimization Showcase
  5. IBP for Response & Supply Overview & Showcase: 
    • IBP for Response & Supply Overview
    • Time Series Based Planning Showcase: Supply Heuristic vs. Supply Optimizer
    • Time Series Based Planning Showcase: Adjusted Key Figures
    • Order Based Planning Showcase: Priority Heuristic
  6. Supply Chain Control Tower Overview & Showcase: 
    • Control Tower Overview
    • Control Tower Showcase
  7. IBP Integration Overview & Showcase: 
    • IBP Integration Overview: Cloud Platform Integration, Smart Data Integration
    • IBP Integration Showcase: Smart Data Integration for non-SAP ERP
  8. IBP Configuration Overview & Showcase: 
    • IBP Configuration Overview
    • IBP Configuration Showcase: Key Figures
    • IBP Configuration Showcase: Attribute Transformations
    • IBP Configuration Showcase: Disaggregation Methods
  9. Next Steps (Digital Learning, Interactive Learning): 
    • IBP Roadmap
    • Digital Learning: Overview & Next Steps
    • Interactive Learning: Overview & Next Steps
    • Happy Learning!