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SAP IBP Platform, Applications, and Configuration Bootcamp in San Francisco Bay Area, USA

This is a 4-day event in two parts:

  • IBP Platform & Applications Bootcamp: 2-day event for Customers evaluating SAP IBP: Supply Chain Business Planners or IT Decision Makers
  • IBP Configuration Bootcamp: 2-day event for IT hands-on teams interested in learning IBP technical configuration elements

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What is being offered?

GitaCloud is offering a 4-day in-person deep-dive hands-on learning opportunity across the full SAP IBP Platform and Applications in this Bootcamp. IBP applications covered: Demand, Inventory, Response & Supply, S&OP, and Control Tower.

Event Title

SAP IBP Platform, Applications, and Configuration Bootcamp

Event Type

In-Person Bootcamp


4 days


Aug 27th - Aug 30th, 2018


SAP Office at 2700 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

Who is this for?

This Bootcamp is designed to help:

  • Customers evaluating SAP IBP Platform & Applications (whether using SAP APO today or not)
  • Business planners responsible for Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Supply Planning, or Sales & Operations Planning
  • IT Decision Makers or Team Members responsible for evaluating SAP IBP Platform & Applications
  • SAP Supply Chain practitioners with experience in SAP SCM (APO), SAP ECC or S/4, or non-SAP SCM practitioners needing to support customers evaluating SAP IBP
  • Any others who are interested in a career in Digital Supply Chains enabled by SAP IBP

What does this cover?

This IBP for Platform, Applications, and Configuration Bootcamp covers:


  • Digital Supply Chains: Business Context
  • SAP Leonardo and SAP IBP Platform Overview

IBP for Demand Showcase:

  • IBP for Demand Overview
  • Demand Reference Planning Area
  • ABC-XYZ Segmentation
  • Statistical Forecasting in IBP for Demand
  • Statistical Forecast Optimization: Forecast Model and Planning Level Selection
  • Sales Forecasting including Large Account Forecasting
  • Demand Planning / Shaping using Promotions Lift Elimination, Promotion Effectiveness Analysis, Promotion Modeling
  • Product Life Cycle Management, New Product Introduction
  • Demand Sensing: Forecast Bias Elimination based on Order Patterns, Distributor Warehouse Withdrawals, and Retail POS
  • Demand Analytics / Dashboards: Forecast Error Calculations, Forecast Value Added Analysis
  • IBP for Demand Customer Case Study
  • IBP for Demand Roadmap
  • Forecasting as a Service using SAP IBP

IBP for Inventory Showcase: 

  • IBP for Inventory Overview
  • Inventory Reference Planning Area
  • Supply Chain Network App
  • Single Stage Inventory Optimization 
  • Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization
  • Multi-level BOM Planning
  • Calculation of Inventory Components
  • Inventory what-if Simulations
  • IBP for Inventory Customer Case Study
  • Inventory Optimization oriented Analytics / Dashboards.

IBP Response & Supply Showcase: Time Series based Supply Planning

  • SAP IBP Response & Supply Overview: Time Series Based Supply Planning
  • Supply Reference Planning Areas Overview
  • Supply Heuristics: Input / Output Key Figures, Parameters, Calculations
  • Supply Optimizer: Cost Model Overview, Parameters, Explainability
  • Key Figures: Downstream, Minimum, Adjusted, In-Transit, etc.
  • Advanced Scenarios: Co-Production, Cross-Plant Production, Production Lead Time, Lot Sizing, Balance Receipts, Fair Share Distribution, Storage Constraints, Capacity Expansion, Check Mode, Compute Quotas, Local Run, Shelf LIfe VIsibility, Subnetworks, Means of Transport, Demand Categories
  • IBP Response & Supply - IBP Time Series Based Supply Planning: Customer Case Study
  • IBP Response & Supply - IBP for Response & Supply: Roadmap

IBP Response & Supply Showcase: Time Series based Supply Planning

  • SAP IBP Response & Supply Overview: Order Based Supply Planning Overview
  • Response Reference Planning Area Overview
  • Order Based Business Processes: Unconstrained Run, Supplier Request-Commit, Demand Prioritization, Forecast Consumption, Constrained Run, Allocation Planning, Confirmation Run, Gating Factor Analytics, Sales Order SImulation, Deployment Planning, Business Network Collaboration
  • What-if Simulations
  • Supply Analytics / Dashboards
  • Supply Heuristics & Optimizer Case Study
  • IBP Response & Supply - IBP Order Based Supply Planning: Customer Case Study
  • IBP Response & Supply - IBP Order Based Supply Planning: Roadmap

IBP Configuration:

  • IBP Basic Configuration: Attributes, Master Data Types, Time Profiles, Key Figures & Calculations, Planning Levels, Planning Areas, Planning View Templates
  • IBP Advanced Configuration: Attribute Transformations, UOM / Currency Conversions, Advanced Attribute Transformations
  • Mock Implementation: Configure IBP Model from scratch in response to specific requirements
  • IBP Configuration Online Test

Why attend this Bootcamp?

Learners will benefit from:

  • Up-to-date subject matter with IBP 1802 / 1805 capabilities covered extensively with instructor-led showcase demonstrations
  • Robust grounding in terms of business context and planning concepts prior to solution function/feature deep dive
  • Extensive Q&A at the end of each session.
  • Customer success stories, POC or Implementation best practices

Which IBP release is this bootcamp based on?

This bootcamp will showcase key capabilities in the IBP 1808 release.

I cannot travel on these dates. What are my options?

You can also attend the event online if the event schedule works for you.

Questions? Send us an email at