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SAP IBP for Demand & Inventory Bootcamp in San Francisco Bay Area, USA

What is being offered?

GitaCloud is offering a 5-day in-person deep-dive hands-on learning opportunity in SAP IBP for Demand and IBP for Inventory applications in this Bootcamp. 

This is a 3-part event to cover SAP IBP 1802 Demand and Inventory applications. 

  1. IBP Demand Bootcamp 2-day Event: Apr 30th - May 1st, 2018
  2. IBP Inventory Bootcamp 2-day Event: May 2nd - May 3rd, 2018
  3. IBP Practitioner Focused 1-day Event: Customer Case Studies, Implementation Best Practices, IBP Online Test: May 4th, 2018

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GitaCloud has showcased tremendous potential for forecast accuracy uplift powered by SAP IBP. SAP IBP experienced consultants from GitaCloud will showcase the entire set of key capabilities in IBP Demand and Inventory applications based on the latest IBP 1802 release. 

Dr. Ramesh Bollapragada (Director, College of Business, San Francisco State University) will be presenting the concepts behind advanced Demand Forecasting / Modeling and Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization. Dr. Ramesh Bollapragada teaches around the globe and has published extensively in Supply Chain domain. You will learn advanced concepts like Inventory Optimization through supply chain simulation games. 

See details below.

Event Title

SAP IBP Demand & Inventory Bootcamp

Event Type

In-Person Bootcamp


5 days


April 30th - May 4th, 2018


GitaCloud Headquarters at 6200 Stoneridge Mall Road, 3rd Floor, Pleasanton, CA

Who is this for?

This Bootcamp is designed to help:

  • Customers evaluating SAP IBP Demand and Inventory applications (whether using SAP APO today or not)
  • Business planners responsible for Demand Forecasting/Planning and/or Inventory Planning looking for forecast accuracy improvement and inventory reduction for same/better service levels
  • IT team members responsible for implementing SAP IBP for Demand and IBP for Inventory applications
  • SAP Supply Chain practitioners with experience in IBP S&OP,  IBP Response & Supply, SCM (APO), SAP ECC or S/4, or non-SAP SCM practitioners 
  • Any others who are interested in a career in Digital Supply Chains enabled by SAP IBP

What does this cover?

This IBP for Demand & Inventory Bootcamp covers:


  • Digital Supply Chains: Business Context
  • SAP IBP Platform Overview
  • Supply Chain Beer Game

IBP for Demand Bootcamp: 

  • IBP for Demand Overview
  • Demand Reference Planning Area
  • ABC-XYZ Segmentation
  • Demand Forecasting Concepts
  • Statistical Forecasting in IBP for Demand
  • Statistical Forecast Optimization: Forecast Model and Planning Level Selection
  • Sales Forecasting including Large Account Forecasting
  • Demand Modeling using Multiple Linear Regression
  • Demand Planning / Shaping using Promotions Lift Elimination, Promotion Effectiveness Analysis, Promotion Modeling
  • Product Life Cycle Management, New Product Introduction
  • Demand Sensing: Forecast Bias Elimination based on Order Patterns, Distributor Warehouse Withdrawals, and Retail POS
  • Demand Analytics / Dashboards: Forecast Error Calculations, Forecast Value Added Analysis
  • IBP for Demand Roadmap
  • Forecasting as a Service using SAP IBP
  • IBP for Demand Online Test

IBP for Inventory Bootcamp: 

  • IBP for Inventory Overview
  • Inventory Reference Planning Area
  • Supply Chain Network App
  • Single and Multi-Stage Inventory Optimizations Concepts 
  • Single Stage Inventory Optimization 
  • Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization
  • Multi-level BOM Planning
  • Calculation of Inventory Components
  • Optimize Inventory for Long Tail: with Intermittent Demand Patterns
  • Inventory what-if Simulations
  • Inventory Optimization oriented Analytics / Dashboards.
  • IBP for Inventory Online Test

Why attend this Bootcamp?

Learners will benefit from:

  • Up-to-date subject matter with 1708 / 1711 / 1802 capabilities covered extensively with instructor-led showcase demonstrations followed by hands-on learning with structured learning exercises and data
  • Robust grounding in terms of business context and planning concepts prior to solution function/feature deep dive
  • Comprehensive showcase of IBP for Demand & Inventory: live demonstrations
  • Extensive Q&A at the end of each session.
  • Customer success stories, POC or Implementation best practices

Which IBP release is this bootcamp based on?

This bootcamp will showcase key capabilities in the latest 1802 release. See below for a partial list of recent enhancements in IBP 1802 release:

  1. New forecasting models based on automatic identification of correlations in data: ARIMA, Seasonal ARIMA,
  2. Retailer Point of Sale POS data driven Demand Sensing. 
  3. Visual and simple new lag-based snapshots for time-based Waterfall Analysis, Alerting and Demand Sensing 
  4. Improved Pick Best Mode;: Model Training Error elimination (Over-fitting phenomenon)
  5. Demand Driven MRP: Strategic Inventory Positioning, Buffer Profiles and Levels.

I cannot commit to full 5 days. What are my options?

You can attend just the IBP Demand bootcamp (2-days) or IBP Inventory bootcamp (2-days). 

Can I attend this event virtually?

Although we recommend in-person participation, this event is also available as a virtual event to those who are not able to make it in-person. Please connect with me if you would like to attend only the Demand or Inventory Bootcamp.

I have some questions. Who can I reach out to?

You can reach out to GitaCloud team at, if you have any questions. You can also directly connect with Ashutosh Bansal, President & CEO of GitaCloud at

Questions? Send us an email at