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SAP IBP Response & Supply Workshop - Advanced Scenarios - Virtual Event

This is a 2-day instructor-led online workshop to cover SAP IBP Response & Supply Advanced Scenarios in detail. 

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This 2-day workshop on March 24th-25th, 2018 will go from 9 AM - 4 PM EDT. It will cover advanced scenarios across Time Series Planning and Order Based Planning as well as a customer case study. 

This is an online event, no travel required. 


The workshop takes a hybrid approach to optimally blend instructor-led learning over 2 days with IBP access & support over 2 weeks to enable self-paced hands-on learning.

You will learn: 

  • Advanced Scenarios in Time Series based Supply Planning:
    • Co-Products
    • Cross-Plant Production
    • Production Lead Time
    • Receipts Balancing
    • Lot Sizing
    • Fair Share Distribution
    • Storage Constraints
    • Capacity Supply Expansion
    • Late Delivery Handling
    • Optimizer Explanation Run
    • Aggregated Constraints
    • Maximum Constraints
    • Minimum Constraints (e.g., Minimum Resource Consumption)
    • Optimal Sourcing (Quota) Generation
    • Supply Chain Model Data Integrity Checking
    • Shelf Life Planning
    • Means of Transport
    • Demand Categories
    • Subnetworks
  • Order Based Supply Planning:
    • SDI Integration Set-up
    • Importing and Maintaining Supply Chain Model
    • Demand Prioritization
    • Multiple Forecast Key Figures
    • Forecast Consumption & Product Allocation at non-default levels
    • Constrained Supply Planning Run including Supplier Constraints 
    • Sales Order Confirmation based on Product Allocation, Stock, and Supply Chain Capacity
    • Deployment Run
    • Lot Sizing
    • Safety Stock
    • Sales Order SImulation
    • Gating Factor Analytics
    • Excel based Reporting on Order Fulfillment Performance KPIs
    • Customer Case Study


This Integrated Business Planning IBP for Response & Supply workshop is designed to help:

  • Business planners responsible for Supply Planning or Response Management
  • IT team members responsible for implementing SAP IBP for Response & Supply: TIme Series Planning or Order Based Planning
  • SAP IBP practitioners who need to ramp-up on IBP for Response & Supply
  • SAP SCM (APO) or ERP practitioners who are interested in retooling their skill set
  • Non-SAP SCM practitioners (Demantra, JDA, e2open, Kinaxis, etc.) who are looking to migrate to SAP ecosystem
  • Any others who are interested in a career in Digital Supply Chains enabled by SAP IBP


Learners will benefit from:

  • Up-to-date subject matter with 1708 / 1711 / 1802 capabilities covered extensively.
  • IBP experienced instructors share IBP implementation case studies
  • Robust grounding in terms of business context prior to technology function/feature deep dive
  • A rich library of concept slides & examples to explain complex concepts with simple examples
  • Comprehensive showcase of IBP for Response & Supply: live demonstrations
  • Tandem learning: opportunity to execute learning exercises live with support from instructors
  • Extensive Q&A at the end of each session.
  • Workshop recording to learn offline till it makes sense (rinse and repeat till the understanding is clean). 
  • Access to IBP for Response & Supply for 2 weeks for continued self-paced learning
  • email based support from GitaCloud team throughout 2 weeks