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Demand Sensing at tesla motors


Tesla Motors

GitaCloud helped Tesla Motors sense and respond to Remanufacturing demand better by deploying advanced predictive statistics based on regression analysis between cars sold and cars coming back for Remanufacturing of key components.

GitaCloud converted a thick spreadsheet with hundred plus tabs for location/part specific demand regression models into an IBP platform in the cloud.

The delivered solution dynamically adjusts to the failure modes and accurately forecasts parts and capacity requirements globally.


Quote from tesla motors

“As a project manager supporting Re-manufacturing department in a growing organization, forecasting and planning has high importance in driving results. We are impressed with GitaCloud and their work for us in efforts to outperform in this space. GitaCloud team demonstrated their rich experience and built complex linear regression functionality and a comprehensive solution for us in record time. Their focus on delighting the customer with a relentless pursuit of solution excellence is commendable”.
— Alla Anashenkova, Remanufacturing Manager, Tesla Motors


Dabur International

GitaCloud showcased greater than 80% reduction in forecast error by modeling Dabur International's two largest markets in SAP IBP platform and through the deep analytics provided by GitaCloud Supply Chain Scientists.

GitaCloud team worked closely with Dabur Supply Chain team to understand data quality issues with intermittent data sets and business environment driven volatility in historical demand patterns to produce a high quality demand forecast.

See a recording of the reference call in which Dabur Supply Chain Head talks about the work delivered by GitaCloud.