Digital Supply Chains: How does SAP IBP help?

GitaCloud team has conducted many instructor-led workshops this year focused on Digital Supply Chains and enabling platforms like SAP Integrated Business Planning IBP. These workshops attract Customers live on SAP SCM (APO) or similar tools and interested in digitizing their supply chains through SAP IBP. We also get a lot of SAP SCM (APO) practitioners, who are looking to ramp-up on SAP IBP given it's the strategic thing to do.

Most of the questions we get are focused on understanding two things:

  1. IBP value proposition: why move to IBP? what is the hard business value IBP has delivered? why can I not get this value from APO? 
  2. IBP capabilities: what's demand sensing? what's multi stage inventory optimization? how robust is IBP Supply Optimizer compared to APO SNP Optimizer? and so on. 

We have been responding to these questions on a 1:1 basis or in our Interactive Learning IBP workshops. Given the repetitive nature of this conversation, we realized it will be useful to put a Digital Learning Platform out there that can enable all interested parties to consume relevant & crisp content on their own schedule.

It is my pleasure to communicate the launch of GitaCloud Digital Learning DL Platform (you can access it at We will provide comprehensive learning on this platform across Digital Supply Chain Fundamentals as well as enabling technology solutions like SAP Leonardo portfolio (of which SAP IBP is a key component). This platform is designed to cater to a wide range of learners: Business Planners and Executives looking to understand why & how to start Digital Supply Chain Transformation programs, IT Analysts and their Managers to understand detailed functional and modeling capabilities of SAP IBP platform, SCM practitioners and independent consultants to learn SAP IBP in a digitally enabled, hands-on, and remote support based comprehensive offering.  

We currently have an SAP IBP Overview course that will enable you to learn about IBP Business Value Context as well as SAP IBP Platform, Applications, Configuration, and Integration aspects. 

Outline for SAP IBP Overview course

  1. Welcome & Learning Agenda Review
  2. IBP Business Context & Platform Overview
    • IBP Business Context: Why Care?
    • IBP Platform Overview
  3. IBP for Demand Overview & Showcase: 
    • BP for Demand Overview
    • Excel UI Showcase
    • IBP for Demand Showcase (Excel)
    • IBP for Demand Showcase (Web)
  4. IBP for Inventory Overview & Showcase:
    • BP for Inventory Overview
    • Single Stage Inventory Optimization Example (Excel)
    • Single Stage Inventory Optimization Showcase
    • Multi Stage Inventory Optimization Showcase
  5. IBP for Response & Supply Overview & Showcase: 
    • IBP for Response & Supply Overview
    • Time Series Based Planning Showcase: Supply Heuristic vs. Supply Optimizer
    • Time Series Based Planning Showcase: Adjusted Key Figures
    • Order Based Planning Showcase: Priority Heuristic
  6. Supply Chain Control Tower Overview & Showcase: 
    • Control Tower Overview
    • Control Tower Showcase
  7. IBP Integration Overview & Showcase: 
    • IBP Integration Overview: Cloud Platform Integration, Smart Data Integration
    • IBP Integration Showcase: Smart Data Integration for non-SAP ERP
  8. IBP Configuration Overview & Showcase: 
    • IBP Configuration Overview
    • IBP Configuration Showcase: Key Figures
    • IBP Configuration Showcase: Attribute Transformations
    • IBP Configuration Showcase: Disaggregation Methods
  9. Next Steps (Digital Learning, Interactive Learning): 
    • IBP Roadmap
    • Digital Learning: Overview & Next Steps
    • Interactive Learning: Overview & Next Steps
    • Happy Learning!

Check out this course at We hope you enjoy the course. You can reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.