SAP IBP Response & Supply Workshop Conducted Successfully

SAP Integrated Business Planning IBP platform and related applications are growing their footprint rapidly. IBP Supply Optimizer can handle an arbitrarily deep distribution / production network with ways to maximize enterprise profitability or customer service goals. Order Based Planning in Response Management processes enables detailed pegging across the network / BOM levels with full gating factor analysis, while still enabling planners to review demand/supply match in daily/weekly time buckets real-time through a friendly Excel UI.

We recently concluded our SAP IBP Response & Supply workshop based on IBP 1705 release. It was well attended by learners coming in from US, Europe, India, and Singapore. Many of the learners are repeat learners who have also attended our past IBP workshops on S&OP or Demand & Inventory. We covered several advanced topics over 4 days. It was challenging content for learners to absorb over 4-days, we moved fast through a long list of advanced  topics with effectively balancing slide-ware (concept slides) and software (demos, exercises).

We will be hosting an IBP S&OP workshop starting Aug 26th, 2017. It focuses on IBP Platform and S&OP processes based on IBP release 1708.

SAP IBP platform continues to fulfill its promise of an outside-in demand-driven network-wide Integrated Business Planning platform, as it expands the business process scope coverage to now include Supplier Forecast / Commit Collaboration scenarios with IBP - Ariba integration. We will be hosting an IBP Control Tower & Business Networks Collaboration workshop starting September 30th, 2017.

To learn about the full schedule of IBP workshops for rest of 2017, visit GitaCloud Products section on our website.

See detailed day-wise scope of IBP Response & Supply workshop below. 

Day 1

Response & Supply Overview

SAP 4 Planning Area Master Data Types & Master Data:sourcing rules with multi-sourcing (C-rule, P-rule, T-rule combined), multi-level Production (multi-level BOMs, co-products,alternative products, production / handling resources, alternative resources), lot size modeling (static or dynamic periods of supply with sub-periods, static periods of supply with inventory target / partial coverage time span), etc.

Key Figures: SAP 4 Input / Output key figures like Outbound Demands & Transport Receipts. We covered several advanced topics like Inventory Correction, Downstream key figures, In-transit key figures, Minimum (externally planned) key figures etc.

Day 2

Supply Planning Operators like Supply Heuristic, Supply Optimizer, etc. Parameters like Balance Receipt Policy, Carry Over Negative Projected Stock, etc. Optimizer key figures.  Optimizer modes (profit maximization vs. delivery maximization) planning constraints, Optimizer modeling of various costs, Heuristic & Optimizer runs against same demand set to facilitate solution comparison.

Day 3

Other advanced topics on Supply side like Computed Ratios, IBP Supply Optimizer - Production Lead Time, Optimizer Math deep dive, co-production, cross-plant production, balance receipts, subnetworks, etc. We also covered a Supply Optimizer case study. We then launched into IBP Response side with Response Management business processes, business need (why IBP Response), fit by industry, Response Planning Area SAP 7, Response Configuration & Master Data. Integration overview with a focus on Response Integration (SDI) related set-up.

Day 4

Response case study. Response business processes (forecast consumption, demand prioritization, constrained run, allocation generation, confirmation run, new demand simulation, gating factor analysis, supply disruption modeling (what-if analysis scenario / simulation), Deployment Planning, IBP - Ariba Business Network Collaboration Overview, Response & Supply Roadmap (recent functionality added in 1702, 1705 as well as planned functionality in 1708, 1711, and 1802). parking lot items - review & closure, certification test.

See some examples below of feedback we got from the learners regarding the Response & Supply workshop that started on July 29th, 2017.


Learners provide feedback based on the scale below:

5 – Significantly exceeded expectations

4 – Exceeded expectations

3 – Met expectations

2 – Somewhat below expectations

1 – Significantly below expectations 


Were you appropriately challenged to learn by this workshop?

Rating: 5; Comments: Very challenging but very informative.

Rating: 5; Comments: Lot of concepts and it was challenging


How will you rate the overall experience of this workshop?

Rating: 5; Comments: Great! Compressed but a lot of good information and kept the momentum going and actually kept the excitement of the product elevated.

Rating: 4; Comments: Team did a fantastic job to coordinate, facilitate and adjust during the class.  I understand this was the first time or “Response” and it was overall good.

Rating: 4

Comments: Another kickass training from Gita Cloud.


How do you rate the workshop instructors? Feel free to provide rating and comments by individual instructor.

Rating: 5 (...extremely good at guiding the overall progress and always providing precise context to questions)


How was your experience with the e-mail based SAP IBP support provided?

Rating: 5; Comments: Prompt and active support


How likely is it that you would recommend this workshop to a friend or a colleague?

Rating: 5; Comments: I think with the right background the class is great.

Rating; Comments: It’s a no-brainer to take training from Gita Cloud.


Please provide your specific feedback on what you liked about the workshop.

Comments: Excellent information. Great presentations and guest speakers.  Very good information on where the product was going.  Also found the interactions to be very useful.

Comments: This gave me a crash course of theory and practice and I pretty much got out of it what I hoped for. Instructors provide VERY good context and know most answers – which is not at all common.


Reach out to Ashutosh at, if you are currently evaluating SAP IBP for your organization or if you are interested in becoming an SAP IBP consultant. Also check out the member-only Resources section for detailed information on advanced topics related to IBP.