How real is big data analytics when it comes to managing supply chains?

This blog is aimed at Supply Chain leaders and their business teams. It is intended to help you understand where supply chain and big data come together as practitioners in these disciplines currently have limited understanding of the other side. 

What is big data?

While the term big data is hyped big time by technology vendors, most supply chain leaders and their business teams do not understand the concepts and opportunities well given the misdirection from technology vendors. Most technology vendors attempt to dazzle their audience with the ever growing data volume and the speed with which they can sift through the volume. What they don't know or forget to tell you is that most supply chains do not have an issue with volume. The real challenge lies with the variety and velocity of data for which you require solution providers that get the supply chain problem and its vertical context, not vendors with a one size fits all approach to big data platforms and solutions. 

This blog is written by Ashutosh Bansal.

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