Modern Supply Chains: How to Disrupt and be Unstoppable

It's a challenging world out there for supply chains in terms of modern business environment they operate in. It's incredibly hard to segment and accurately forecast the Omni-channel Consumer demand. Combine the demand volatility challenge with the complex and fragmented trading partner network that needs to service this volatile demand signal fast and profitably, and you have the recipe for persistent chaos on your hands.

The demand from Main Street Consumer for personalization & speed coupled with the demand from Wall Street Investors for economic profit is posing unique challenges for modern supply chains. It's no longer enough to deliver incremental cost optimization, the Chief Supply Chain Officer needs to do that while enabling new revenue streams and market share capturing capabilities from the supply chain. Digital revolution is upon us in terms of enabling growth oriented new models to deliver what Gartner refers to as Bimodal Supply Chains: ones that can deliver cost efficiency and revenue growth simultaneously.

This blog is written by Ashutosh Bansal. 

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